Looking for a math tutor with exceptional skill and experience that works well with students of all ages?  Does your child ask for math help, but it looks like Greek to you?  Or perhaps trying to help them creates an environment in which homocide crosses your mind.  Whatever the case, I can help your child succeed in math.  I have 4 degrees, one of which is in math and I teach it every day too.  And did I mention that I’ve tutored dozens of kids (and adults) for some 20 years?  So, I am pretty confident I can help you too.

My method of teaching helps students understand why math works, not just memorize a process for every single possible type of problem out there.  Then, when new math rears its beautiful head, they know what to do.  It’s not something new anymore, but rather a natural progression.  Plus, we have fun!  So if you live in Kennewick, Pasco or Richland and need my expertise, contact me.

Questions are free and there is no obligation.  In fact, I’ll give you a FREE  consultation if you still aren’t quite sure about the tutor thing (a $45 value).  Plus, if you don’t find me useful, just fire me!  You have nothing to lose but your child’s GPA, so give me a call and start discovering a kid that’s good at math!

Phone: 971-236-1436